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Ramen Noodles at RameNesque

Ramen noodles flavors we have on our menu here at RameNesque in Peekskill, NY.

Let us start with the new commers. Tonkotsu and Tonkotsu Miso Ramen noodles where added to our menu recently.

Tonkotsu “pig bone” Ramen is a pork bone-based noodle soup with a silky smooth consistency.

Then our Tonkotsu Miso Ramen is made with Tonkostsu base soup and added Miso paste. This gives our noodle soup a nice nutty flavor. Our Ramen Noodle soups are dressed up with Kamaboko which is a fish cake a round thinly sliced piece with a pink swirl inside. Meat topping of choice, bean sprouts and baby spinach.

Traditional Shoyu Ramen is a nice clear broth made with a soy-based paste that enhances the deep chicken broth flavor and is a great choice for beginners that are stepping into the ramen world.

Miso Ramen is a broth made with fresh miso paste and has a nice nutty flavor. A nice smooth noodle soup that goes great with our pork topping.

Tom Yum Ramen not a traditional Japanese broth, but an absolute winner. Verry popular with connoisseurs that like a fresh spiciness that has a kick to it. The spice of the soup attaches to the noodles and soaks in the toppings to give you that kick all the way.

Dan Dan Ramen, all together a spicy ramen but with a different hotness then our Tom Yum ramen. Dan Dan ramen is for the give me hot and make it extra hot ramen noodle lovers. Dan Dan comes with our special prepared spiced for hotness ground chicken, made from chicken breast nice and lean.

Nin’Niku Ramen a nice clear broth topped with roasted garlic, a nice light noodle soup that goes well with all our toppings.

Kimchi Ramen, you will find Korean influences throughout all the menu. That is not a coincidence because the executive chef is Korean, hence Kimchi Ramen. Topped of course with kimchi a bit of kimchi juice and you have a perfect kimchi lovers ramen noodle soup.