We at RameNeque work very hard to provide everyone the best service. If you dine in have take out or if you would like to have you food delivered through Uber Eats, we take every order seriously.

We feel however that we need to explain the relation we have with Uber Eats. Uber Eats charges us 30% on every order. We have a tablet that shows your order and we have limited control. We can approve your order, we can delay your order and cancel your order. If for some reason we are out of a product we can deduct the amount of that particular product.

We don’t have Uber Eats drivers on the payroll. We cannot contact them or direct them to another location. When a delivery goes bad it’s out of our control. Refunds or complaints about the delivery has to be established through Uber Eats. If we messed up we will make it right. However when an Uber Eats Driver forgets to hand over all the bags (and that happens) we cannot correct that by sending another order. All mistakes have to go through Uber Eats, they will refund you. We cannot refund your order.

We love to have you as our guest and we want to have you eat our food no matter where you eat it.

To order our food through Uber Eats please click on the link below.

Uber Eats